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Study On The Mode And Development Path Of Beautiful Rural Construction In The Relocation Area Of Southern Shaanxi

Posted on:2018-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518485644Subject:Urban planning
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With the continuous improvement of living standards,people on the pastoral scenery and self-sufficiency of the farming work is increasingly longing for rural tourism and leisure agriculture gradually sought after by the modern city people enthusiasm for the rural social economy has brought new development opportunities and challenges,in the context of the rural social and economic transformation and development,the new urbanization continues to deepen the background.Beautiful rural construction is another new innovation in China's new rural construction.As a big country with agricultural development,the quality of production and life of fanners has always been the focus of our country's social development and economic stability.Based on the combination of theory and practice,this paper summarizes the relevant theories and construction experiences of rural construction at home and abroad,and clarifies the direction and way of beautiful rural construction;analyzes the basic conditions of rural construction in southern Shaanxi and the status of resettlers' relocation;based on the analysis of the basic conditions of development,this paper summarizes the two basic models of beautiful rural construction in the relocation area of southern Shaanxi:?tourism resources rely on the beautiful rural construction model,? characteristic industry-driven beautiful rural construction mode;based on Ankang City Yinghu Town Tianzhu mountain village beautiful village system planning and construction,get the following basic conclusions:(1)Southern Shaanxi natural ecological environment is beautiful,forest park concentration,rich products,a wide range of resources,suitable for the development of eco-tourism,bio-processing,new materials,trade logistics and other circular economy industry.(2)The resettlement area of southern Shaanxi should explore a construction mode and development path that conforms to the development orientation and industrial form of the village.It follows the sustainable development concept and construction principle,rationally plans the layout or transformation and rectification,and takes the sustainable development and management Roads,in order to achieve the beautiful rural sustainable construction and development.(3)The main task of the beautiful rural construction in the relocation area of southern Shaanxi is to protect and maintain its unique natural landscape,beautiful ecological environment and rich cultural connotation,combined with local development planning,natural landscape,ecological environment,characteristic industry and cultural heritage good rural space pattern and streets,to the local landscape as a tourist carrier,to create a natural landscape tourism and rural folk tourism model,vigorously develop the characteristics of agriculture,promote agricultural upgrading and transformation.(4)The rural construction in the relocation area of southern Shaanxi is the way to find the sustainable development of the rural areas suitable for the local resources,environment,industry and policy conditions,which has effectively promoted the rural social and economic transformation and developed the problems of the survival and development of the landless peasants and carried out for other areas beautiful rural construction to provide reference and strategic support.
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