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Performance Evaluation On Resettlement Policy Of Southern Shaanxi

Posted on:2016-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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South Shaanxi is situated in the Qinba Mountain area, the region including Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo, because of complex geological and ecological environment is fragile, Southern mountainous natural disasters. The migrant relocation policy in southern shaanxi is implement in three cities, including Hanzhong, Ankang, Shangluo, which is subsidised by the government. The policy adopt concentration and dispersion of settlement in two ways. Its aim is to improve production conditions and living conditions of the mountaineers, to eliminate the threat of natural disasters on people life and property. The large-scale relocation project, which lasted long, complicated, related to the survival and sustainable development of millions of people in southern Shaanxi, therefore, the study of southern Shaanxi relocation and resettlement project of great practical significance and far-reaching theoretical significance.This study through the review of public policy performance evaluation methods both at home and abroad, combined with the particularity of immigrant relocation policy performance expression, adopt the method of combining comprehensive analysis and field survey, which to analysis the effect of resettlement policy at the grassroots level and the degree of realization of the target. The research provides practical meaning offers theoretical support for the social impact assessment of avoiding disaster immigrating project, also gives references for the future same project.The full text is divided into five parts: first, mainly be explained against the background and significance of topics, and the research methods used, related researches and innovations are briefly described below.Second,performance evaluation respectively through literature review, reveal the resettlement project smoothly without effective policy evaluation. Third, in the case of sample, from immigration resettlement life condition, the condition of the production settlement and the present situation of public participation in three aspects, analysis of resettlement specific effect. Fourth, the establishment of evaluation system, from the three policy options, policy implementation, policy performance, to immigrants to evaluate overall relocation policy. Finally, aiming at the existing problem of immigrant relocation project, proposed amendment for continued resettlement work provide theoretical support in southern shaanxi, exploration and innovation, avoid disaster management mode in immigrant communities.Because of immigrant policy faced the most difficult group in southern shaanxi, still need the tstrengthen late-stage support policy by state and local governments, also the support from the whole society and the effort by immigrants themselves.
Keywords/Search Tags:South Shaanxi, Migrant Relocation, Evaluate, Problems andCountermeasures
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