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Study On The Protection Of Arable Land Resources Of Local Governments Inyangjiang City

Posted on:2015-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422982891Subject:Public Management
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With the global economic integration continues, city construction land and farmlandprotection situation are becoming more and more severe and complex. As one of the landreserve resources development area of Guangdong Province, Yangjiang city are facing heavyfarmland preservation task. How to manage land resources more rationally scientifically hasbecome an important subject of local government. As for Management of cultivated landprotection of local government, on the one hand, it has great theoretical significance indeepening the cultivated land protection theory and promoting study on cultivated landprotection policy and innovation of management mode, on the other hand, it has practicalsignificance in ensuring the sustainable development of economy, city land expansion toalleviate contradictions and guidance to rational planning of land by local governments.Local government being the main protection of land resources, research on itsdevelopment is still relatively small, and systematic study was not thorough enough. Based onthe perspective of the less developed areas of local government, this paper tries to find out theproblems of cultivated land protection, explore the establishment of cultivated land protectiontheory system and the system framework model, innovation under the sustainabledevelopment model of cultivated land protection and economic developed area construction,solve the growing contradiction between the land and cultivated land protection as the goal,through the existing problems analysis of Yangjiang City local government protection ofcultivated land management, find the influence factors in the policy, system, management,economy, system and other aspects, seeking the deep-seated reasons, to explore a long-termmanagement mechanism of cultivated land protection.By studying published papers and research findings, sorting out the cultivated landprotection and the government management related theories and research ideas fromcultivated land protection research background, analyzing the existing problems of thegovernment management, referring to the experiences home and abroad, this paper putsforward the Optimization Management Countermeasures and suggestions of cultivated landprotection.
Keywords/Search Tags:underdeveloped area, cultivated land protection, government management, Yangjiang City
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