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Research On The Model Of Materials Dispatching Based On Emergency Of Multi-demand Points

Posted on:2015-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422985307Subject:Carrier Engineering
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The human encountered the invasion of major emergencies more and more frequently.Along with these emergencies, people’s life and property security, social order andenvironmental under serious threat. In the face of unexpected events that may occur at anytime, we urgently need to systematic research on emergency response management. With thefastest speed to respond to emergencies, reducing to the lowest degree of the event of the lossand the influence. As an important part of the emergency management system, it is verynecessary that strengthening the research on emergency logistics system. And its core is theresearch on the emergency material dispatch, research on emergency materials how to supplyfully and timely and distribution reasonably and effectivly. A correct decision emergencymaterial dispatch will directly determine the effect of emergency management. Therefore, ithas the important practical significance for improving the rescue level and reducing the loss.The research background of this paper is multi-supply points and multi-demand points.In the condition of emergency materials supply fully, establishing the single objective modeland multi-objective model. Firstly, This paper summarizes the research status of emergencymaterial dispatch, elaborates the definition, features, classification of unexpected events, thenleads to the relate overview of emergency management, emergency logistics and theemergency materials dispatch. Secondly, this paper studies the emergency material dispatchproblem under the relevant data is determine, puts forward to the effectiveness, safety andeconomy as the index, establishes the single objective model, and establishes themulti-objective model. And uses the linear weighted sum method to optimize the model.Thirdly, in order to make the model closer to reality, considering the weather, road conditions,insufficient information and other uncertain factors, the demand quantity, transportation timeand transportation cost unit all are uncertain, establishes uncertain environmentmulti-objective model, the uncertainty planning related theory is given, and erifing the modeland the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm combined with examples.
Keywords/Search Tags:emergency, emergency material dispatch, multi-objective model, linearweighted method, the uncertain programming
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