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The Research Of Location-routing Problem Of Emergency Logistics Under City Emergency

Posted on:2015-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422991283Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the continuous urbanization process in our country, the city’s population,property and the subway, water, electricity and other more intensive lifeline areconcentrated, once emergency happened, it will seriously damage the lives andproperty of the people. After the emergency occurred, in order to effectively reducelosses and improve the efficiency of emergency rescue, the issue which is how toscientifically and rationally determine the Location-Allocation Problems and VehicleRouting Problems of emergency logistics has become important, and it’s also thecurrent key issues of emergency logistics study. The paper does some research fromthe perspective of emergency logistics location-routing problem.This paper regards building the construction of emergency logisticslocation-routing problem as the main line, so analyses the research status and existingproblems of emergency logistics and emergency logistics location-routing problem,and summarizes the characteristics of emergency logistics, operation processes ofemergency logistics and key technologies involved, highlighting the emergencylogistics is different from general commercial logistics, and pointed out one of the keyfactors that affect the actual efficiency is post-disaster emergency rescue supplies anddistribution rate, meanwhile, defines emergency logistics positioning-path problem.As the model of emergency logistics location-routing problem involves allaspects of the construction of emergency logistics system contains, therefore, thispaper analyzes the various key factors involved in emergency logistics anddistribution network, and focus on analyzing factors of emergency logisticsdistribution center location and routing of emergency relief and determine theconstruction of emergency logistics location-routing problem model constraints as themain demand constraints, time constraints, and resource constraints. After combiningpractical purposes of emergency is emergency rescue time, this paper builds themodel selected is the shortest delivery time and lowest cost dual-target system rescue,and the main objective is the shortest delivery time.After determining the target and constraints of the model, this paper builds theemergency logistics location-routing problem model through a combination ofquantitative and qualitative methods, the model takes into account the needs ofemergency supplies in the affected areas and affected areas ambiguity emergency rescue time tolerance, and designed a dual objective hybrid genetic tabu algorithm tosolve the model. Finally, the paper applies the model simulation and design ofalgorithms to build and analyze the emerging problems in the application process,and proposes some optimization suggestions of emergency logistics.
Keywords/Search Tags:emergency, emergency logistics, emergency logistics location-routingproblem, genetic algorithm
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