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Comparative Studies On Supplying Of Urban Community Public Service In China And USA

Posted on:2013-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330425494793Subject:Administrative Management
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With the economic and social development,community and people’s lives become more and more closely linked to each other, urban community service supply taken a more and more proportion in the urban community development.and it plays an important role in improving the living standards, improving the quality of urban community service, constructing the harmonious society. In recent years, urban community service supply has greatly developed, and a wealth of experiences gained from practices. At the same time, we should know that, by comparing with mature community service supply in America, there are some still some defects existing in that of our country.This paper, through learn experience from the multi-center theory of U.S. urban community service supply, mainly aims to exploring the supply of urban community service in the multi-center theory, and analysis the multi-subjects of public community service supply as well as the evaluation system on the multi-subjects supplying the services. And such paper, through gaining from the existed experience of U.S, and combining the national situation of China, contributes to perfecting the concept of urban community public service supply.This paper firstly sums up the nowadays relative studies on the urban community public service under the multicenter theory in China and overseas, and then makes an explanation and introduction of interrelated theories. It mainly introduces the supplying subjects of the community public service, performance evaluation of urban community public service supply, and further indicates the applicableness and limitation of multicenter theory implemented within China. Secondly, this paper analyzes the multi-subjects and the evaluation standards of urban community public supply in detail as per the practical experience of urban community public service supply in U.S. And then, it analyses the the existed defects and the causes in urban community public service of China, with combination of the referential experience of U.S in urban community public service supply, it brings forward a measure for perfecting the urban community public service in China, that is, establishing multi-subjects for urban community public service supply, completing the performance evaluation system of urban community public service suppliers, as well as enlarging the participant efforts of the community.The novelty of this paper is its fresh study focus. Nowadays the research on urban community public service supply is mainly the independent study on one or several specific cases, which contains very few comparative studies and rare comparison of the related research directions in China and U.S. Adopting the multicenter theory as analysis tool, this paper, through the research method of comparison between China and USA, explores a development model for urban community public service supply which is suitable for China on the basis of analysis of several cases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Community, Urban Community Service, Urban CommunityService Supply, Supply Performance Evaluation of Urban CommunityService, Multi-center Theory
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