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Research On The Legal Responsibility Of Delayed Railway Passenger Transportation

Posted on:2015-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As with the development of our country’s economy, is the most directly reflects aspects of transportation, transportation has been developing rapidly, the railway passenger transportation delay caused by the increasing travelers claim case. After the railway passenger train delay passengers should get compensation? How to get compensation? Legally speaking, the passenger is a right time to arrive at the terminal signed in accordance with the contract of carriage, but due to carrier’s liability for breach of contract caused by the delay must be borne by the railway carrier. The legal right to protect our citizens, improve the efficiency of railway transport, and long-term development of is will be the inevitable result. In this paper, by analyzing the problem of railway passenger transport delay, reference to the foreign railway related legislation as well as relevant legislation on the air transport conditions, on this basis for the perfection of the legal relief put forward the corresponding Suggestions.The text is divided into six parts:The first part is the introduction, succinctly introduces the writing background, meaning and purpose.The second part is the basic theory, it discusses the meaning of the railway passenger transportation delay and its harm.The third part is the legal responsibility of railway passenger transport delay further analysis, and analyzes the imputation principles of railway passenger transport.The fourth part for foreign related legal relief system of railway passenger transportation delay model, summarizes the current overseas for railway passenger transportation delay legal relief legislation present situation, analyses the our country about the defects of the legal relief system of railway passenger transport delay.The fifth part puts forward the building of our country’s legal relief system of passenger train delays;The sixth part is conclusion. Conclusion is mainly in the main body of clear responsibility, the compensation standards for railway passenger transport delay and limit put forward its own opinions. Full text aims to improve the problem of railway passenger transport delay of the legal relief to protect the consumer rights and interests of passengers, enhance the market competitiveness of railway departments, and then improve the efficiency of our social economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Passenger, Transport delay, Legal relief, Compensation liability, Violating Treaty
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