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The Study Of Construction Of Public Private Partnerships In The Field Of Public Service

Posted on:2015-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431989459Subject:Public administration
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Along with the development of National economy and society, with the continuous improvement of the strategy of urbanization, to raised public services, concerning more on fair and justice, improving public service supply way have gradually become major theoretical issues in constructing a socialist Chinese characteristics. To choose a reasonable and effective public service approach is the navigator and booster for an efficient government meanwhile an inevitable choice of a progressing society. Public services in China is currently provided by government directly. But in this way, municipal provide exclusively public services, is hard to satisfy citizens’desperately expectation of varied municipal services. Government’s reputation will decline due to highly cost in public resource. The state and public have been realized that the former approaches of gaining public service is not suit for today’s requirements. In this context, to introduce western style new public management, building Public Private Partnerships in the field of public service, keeping improving public service supply way have the practical meaning.The Public Private Partnerships is how to form a new cooperation between government department and non-government social groups. Integration of resources to enhance social vitality and improve the quality of people’s lives. The power of future social progressing is not two divided apart public and private department, but a forming Public-Private corp. To build a Public Private Partnerships is not just deny conventional Public and private department roles but to pushing public service reforming in a positive way.In the practical region of Public Private Partnerships, most of the subjects are about city infrastructure. Tianjin has creatively included accident protection as government public service. It’s a great innovation in the field of social insurance management to operating under a Public-Private corp way. It’s uncommon been seen in abroad either. It’s a classic sample to build a Public Private Partnerships to clarify the relationship between government and the market in public service. System practice and related data is the basic for this paper, becoming a criteria sample for related scholar and practical research.
Keywords/Search Tags:basic public service, public-private partnership, accidentalinjury, construction
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