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Research On British Foreign Policy In The Process Of European Integration (1945-1973)

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rise of European integration movement is a prominent feature of thedevelopment of international relationship after Second World War. As a big Europeancountry, Britain has to be reckoned with, whether in Europe in the environment ofinternational relations, or in the process of European integration. This paper studiesthe British European policy during this period,1945-1973, through analyzing theUK’s performance in the European integration, which mainly based on process of thelandmark historical events as the clueThe paper is divided into four chapters. The first chapter reviews the traditionalBritish foreign policy and the UK to Europe united thought origin, and analyzes thetwo world wars of the20th century’s impact on Britain’s European policy.. The secondchapter and the third chapter are the focus of this article. The second chapter narratesthe British postwar foreign central theme, and analyze its European policy throughthe different attitudes in different periods n the process of the early Europeanintegration.The third chapter analysis the reasons of the McMillan governmentultimately make the decision to entry into the European community in1961. In theprocess of analysis the second and third chapters, the author want to build a "bridge"between the different factors which can be compared by their position and role indifferent period policy. The fourth chapter analysis and evaluates British Europeanpolicy during1945-1973, and makes an conclusion of this article: the concept of itsown interests first, the distrust of continental countries and special "affinity" to theUnited States and the commonwealth are the important considerations which affectBritish policy towards Europe; While the British pragmatism political culture is thesolid foundation for Britain eventually return to Europe.
Keywords/Search Tags:Britain, European Integration, European policy, Pragmatism
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