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Research On The Debates Between Britain And France In The Process Of European Integration (1950-1993)

Posted on:2010-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275479567Subject:International politics
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European Integration was a new phenomenon which appeared in the field of international politics and economics after World Warâ…¡.The origin of it was attributed to some western European nation-states' interests and polity-coordination,and the growth of it was ascribe to the warrant of member states who aiming to maximize their interests. The member states have controlled the deepen,enlargement and stagnation of European integration.Britain and France,in order to meet their own target firstly,launched intense debates about the architecture of European integration,which effected the process of integration deeply.The paper combed out the debates between Britain and France from the start of European integration to the birth of European Union(1950-1993),and then analyzed the causes of the debates.Firstly,these two nations made their integration tactics conflict when they pursued power status;Secondly,they got divergent preferences toward European policies,such as the budget policy,the agriculture policy and the monetary integration policy,because of their economic differences.In addition,the distinct culture of them have influenced their attitudes toward European integration.As a island nation, Britain was a half-hearted member state in the European Community;yet,France,who has always dreamed to unify the Europe,played as a warm-hearted promoter of European integration.This paper has also discussed the dialectic impacts of debates between Britain and France upon the process of European integration.Although they obstructed the integration,they played an active role at the same time.The debates accelerated the change of European Community's policies,made the development of European integration be more pragmatic and smooth.
Keywords/Search Tags:European Integration, Debates between Britain and France, National interest
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