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The Study Of The Relationship Between The Britain And European Integration In Perspective Of Euroscepticism(1950-1990)

Posted on:2016-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464972043Subject:History of international relations
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As the new trend of European international relationships after the Second World War,European Integration has been supported and participated by a variety of European countries.But,UK has hold a doubtful and distrustful attitude,and reluctant to cooperate with the European Integration.Even after Britain joined the European Union in 1973,it still disagreed against the development of European Integration.So,Britain had become the "embarrassing collaborators" within the EC/EU.Probing into this problem,Euroscepticism acts as a most important factor in the development of Britain’s relation with European Integration.This article first introduced the concept of Euroscepticism,then according to the academic research defined the British Euroscepticism.Then the paper discusses different kinds of the British Euroscepticism and analysis it’s causes from the unique background of Britian history and reality.After all these discussion about the Euroscepticism and according to the history of European Integration from 1950-1990,we can classify the relationship between the British and the EC into three different periods.For every period,the author discusses in detail how the British Euroscepticism become more and more stronger belong with the relation development between Britain and European Integration.Meanwhile, as the Euroscepticism has such important influence,the position of Britain has changer from "Ambiguity" to "Halfhearted",and eventually become a "ticklish partner" among EU.
Keywords/Search Tags:Euroscepticism, European Integration, UK, European policy
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