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An Empirical Study Of The Degree Of Government Information Disclosure

Posted on:2015-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Information, knowledge constitutes the main component of the information society. As the most important information resource owners, the government, on the one hand is an effective way to direct public access to government action, on the other hand is also an important basis for public scrutiny of government action. Thus, the government information should be made public. Since the disclosure of government information across the country began, it has been attached great importance to the community. Government portal or entering the construction phase to optimize the construction phase, in order to ensure that the public can be convenient, fast and accurate access to government information resources. "The government Freedom of Information Bill" is a legal basis for the disclosure of government information, but also an effective tool for public oversight of government action. Information as a new form of media, the route of transmission has a unique advantage with its spread. Government information through the portal open to the community, not only to ensure that the authority of public information, and thus also promote improved government management model. According to some domestic scholars estimate, the executive branch has about 80% of all new information resources, and government information resource life cycle after only four months. Even in all public government information, there are still about 8.5% of the deep Web, resources cannot be discriminated general retrieval system, only in the year 2005, In the more than 3,000 government information database has been completed, the resource flow rate less than 10%. As a basis for the promotion of the national economy, the government information has become a strategic asset for economic and social development. The level of information related to the merits of comprehensive national strength.In this paper, research ideas are "as expounded-the problems found-problem analysis-propositions" The starting point is the implementation of the five-year "Open Government Information" This paper studies the course of its development, analyzes the necessity and importance of its development. Through the study of domestic and foreign-related inspection, this article is clear what the government information disclosure, and how to evaluate it, its theoretical basis, its current research progress In this paper, the existing theory and research in progress is based in Jiangsu Province as a case study of information openness of our government. Finally, through empirical research on openness, this paper attempts to explore the national macro-level strategic government information disclosure.Article reads as structured as follows:The first chapter preface, this chapter describes the contents of this paper, background Study, purpose and significance of the study, studies on domestic and foreign-related commentary, while elaborate research content and methods. The second chapter related to the basic theory of interpretation, the main clear the scope of government information disclosure, to determine the concept of information published research approach, the study comes to the basic theory. The third chapter is about the Chinese government information technology research, mainly according to the state-East China-Jiangsu Province descending stepwise refinement to investigate the information technology developments. The fourth chapter is a survey of domestic and foreign government information disclosure measure indicators, research and analysis by the department of the different indicators presented herein index system for government information openness measure. The fifth chapter is selected Jiangsu Province as an example of government information disclosure measure analysis, by comparing between different cities, because the phenomenon is analyzed later to optimize the construction of government information disclosure measures provide case basis. Chapter VI based on the foregoing typical depth study on the disclosure of government information technology strategic countermeasures. Chapter VII summarizes the article points out the lack of research and future research content. The innovation lies in this article from the perspective of the government itself, select the amount of information the government publicly statistical sources, according to the amount of information released by the government, the government reply to the amount of information the public to apply for the study and give an objective evaluation, through Jiangsu Province case studies, analysis of the current building open government information advantages and disadvantages exist to provide recommendations for the next phase countermeasures open government information work carried out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Freedom of information, Information disclosure measure, Information disclosure evaluation indicators, Jiangsu Province
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