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Research On Management Innovation Of Electronic Government

Posted on:2015-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464470927Subject:Public administration
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There’s a lot of new achievements in the field of electronic communication and storage technology these days.Keep the same pace,there’s much more profound changes have taken place in the field of social communication means. Under this pattern, aim at break the administrative organ of the original organization boundaries of information and communication technology, then build a digital "virtual" government seems possible. Electronic government which existing based on the development of information technology, relying on a comprehensive and scientific and integrated in full of the departments of the government information resources.In the same way,Electronic government needs the construction of a systematic, comprehensive, scientific government online.all these main construction aims to provide the public with better, faster, more efficient service. As a new thing, E-government’s role and significance are thriving.Base on this, E-government is a very important topic which worth studying from different angles and discipline. Under the background of the great development on information technology in which field,how to find new ideas to build a good electronic government is the primary problem. Depending on the district construction of cities electronic government, not only care about the form, more concerned about its internal value orientation, management and the construction of a new thinking. Take Nan Ning’s innovation thinking mode in e-government management as an example, abandoned by centralized command to delegate service down.This essay try to get rid of top-down regulation at the same time to carry out the mass equal cooperation, give up thinking, then arbitrary decisions into talks to discuss consensus achieved significant results. However, the city of Nanning electronic government administration also has some problems, through in-depth analysis of these problems, local governments at all levels to realize the implications of electronic government management innovation, need to constantly promote the government reform,clear the government’s function, optimizing the functions of the government.At the same time, clear job objectives, improve the utilization rate of information system, strengthen the monitoring and management of information system, improve the government service consciousness and technological level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nan Ning, E-government, Traditional government, Management innovation
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