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Local Government Management Innovation Points

Posted on:2009-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360242494992Subject:Government management
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In recent years ,the research of government management innovation in domestic has obtained the great achievement, but it still has any insufficiencies in the fundamental research and the practice application, like the research are really few in directions of local government management innovation. Under current administration pattern, although various places management innovation action appears repeatedly, but because the directions of local government management innovation is lacking, in the innovation process, the directions and principles of innovation marche into each kinds of erroneous zone, causes the policy goals of innovation actions are departs from the practice consequence, down to defeated or miscarriage. Therefore, how to better and quicker advances the local government management innovation ,is important issue to all levels of governments and the theorists.At present, the directions of local government management innovation, namely"government reforms, grass-roots democracy,public service", are study objects which really unusual people are paying attention,so it is nearly a blank.To this selected topic's research, will be reference value to all levels of local governments to advance government management innovation and found"Innovation Government", reduces and avoids practicing the deviation, thus better realizes sustainable development in the regional economies, social, the population, the resources and the environment.Using the methods of literature searching, social investigation, and case analysis, through the cases about the system of Wuyi County's village affair Watchdog committee, Zhuhai's"ten thousands people comment the government", the direct election of secretary and mayor in Chengkou County Pingba Town of Chongqing, reported the general theories of government management innovation, the necessity and the importance, the present situation of fundamental research and the practice, the agent and the tendency. The research key points are through the illustrative case , analyzing the successful factors of local government management innovation: specific system environment, specific system environment and populace's demand; as well as the restriction factors, including the supports of the higher governments and the departments, facing the political risk and the benefit loss, the innovation behavior disassimilation, needing to consummate the law safeguard mechanism and the achievements appraisal, and analyzed the profound reasons which these restriction factors had produced.Through the generalized analysis and proposed finally,"Government reform,grass-roots democracy,public service"are topic meanings to all levels of local governments to advance the government management innovations from now on, is also the direction of transforming the local government management patterns and the management innovation. Meanwhile, proposed the guiding principle to the directions of local government management innovation, the way to realize and the value orientation, namely advances the local government corporate reform positively, vigorously develops grass-roots democracy, speeds up establishs service government , thorough consummats the achievements appraisal system of government management innovation, promotes the bilities of the local government management innovations gorously.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government management innovation, government reform, grass-roots democracy, public service
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