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Research On The Governmental Responsibility In The Industrial Injury Insurance For Migrant Workers

Posted on:2016-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464970881Subject:Public administration
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In the context of reform and opening up, China’s market economy has gained rapid development, resulting in the free movement of labor force. Migrant worker is a special social group emerging under this historical background. Their presence not only promotes urban construction and economic development, but also realizes successful transferring of rural surplus labor, and makes tremendous contributions to China’s economic development. From the perspective of objective reality, the majority of the migrant workers are engaged in laborious, dirty and dangerous work, and the high risk feature of their work determines that they are the main victims of industrial accidents and occupational diseases. Occupational injury has become a prominent problem among migrant workers. With the development of non-public economy, migrant workers always choose to work in non-public companies in the urban area for better employment opportunities. However, in the absence of corresponding injury insurance system, their interests cannot get effective protected if there is any industrial accident and occupational disease during their work process. From the perspective of social equity, this is extremely unreasonable.This paper adopts interview, theoretical analysis, literature review and other research methods to summarize the defects and deficiencies in migrant workers’ occupational insurance of Qidong Municipality, and analyzes the causes of these defects and deficiencies from the lack of government responsibilities. The specific manifestation includes:unscientific legislation, loose supervision, incomprehensive publicity, etc. On this basis, this paper proposes that government should actively fulfill its responsibility in migrant workers’ occupational insurance, and adopt appropriate measures, including improving legal system, promoting institutional building, strengthening supervision, promoting publicity, improving quality, etc., to improve and adjust the situation.This paper starts from the perspective of government responsibility, pointing out that the problems existing in migrant workers’ occupational insurance are closely related to the unfulfilled government responsibility and that the government has an inescapable responsibility in this regard. The government should actively take the initiatives to establish a sense of responsibility, and start from the aspects of legislation, regulatory and publicity to constantly promote the improvement of migrant workers’ occupational insurance system, effectively protect the vital interests of migrant workers and guarantee their due occupational insurance interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Migrant worker, Occoupational insurance, Government responsibility, Measures
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