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On United Nations Convention Against Corruption And Perfection Of Criminal Legislation In China

Posted on:2011-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P J JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467978659Subject:International Law
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Nowadays, with the gradually close and global contact among nations in economy and politics, crime of corruption form become more and more complicated, organized and transnational which bring great difficulty for anti-corruption work of the global world and every countries. In order to strengthen the international corporation against corruption and cope with the tendency on crime of corruption, the Anti-Corruption Convention was signed on the UN Convention in2003, and on December14,2005, the Anti-Corruption Convention took effect officially. China has signed this convention in December10,2003. And this means that we must perform the duty in convention while enjoying the right as a signatory country. In order to keep track with other nations to develop efficiency of the Anti-Corruption Convention and prevent and strike corruption crime, we should revise and perfect our criminal legislation as soon as possible. This thesis researches from describing the current legislation on global ant-corruption and the impact of our country legislation that the Anti-Corruption Convention has. Compare with the Anti-Corruption Convention, it analysis defects and shortcomings in our criminal legislation, and Put forward the legislation proposal in aiming to perfect our Criminal law and Criminal Procedure law on anti-corruption in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-corruption, Criminal law, Criminal procedure law
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