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Perfecting China's Criminal Legislation Under The Guidance Of UN Convention Against Corruption

Posted on:2009-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, corruption phenomenon has become the international evil which caused common strong concern. With the gradually close contact of nations and globalization, crime of corruption is more and more complicated, organized and multinational. In October 31st, 2003.the UN Convention against Corruption is passed in the 58th UN conference, aiming to strengthen the international corporation against corruption. China has signed this convention in Dec 10th, 2003.The convention is the legal document which directs the campaign against corruption in human history, which provided the basic law guide and behavior principle. As a signatory country, we must perform the duty in convention while enjoying the right. Signing the convention is a great challenge to china's criminal legislation. As a contracting nation, china should keep track with other nations in order to prevent and strike corruption crimes. this thesis researches from the basis of china's current corruption crime situation, make analysis of relative contents in Criminal law and Criminal procedure law and eventually put forward the legislation proposal in aiming to perfect china's criminal institutions against corruption, and reach the goal of preventing and punishing crimes of Corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:Crime of Corruption, UN Convention against Corruption, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law
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