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A Study On Co-subject Marketing Discourse Of The National Image Marketing Based On Implicit Learning Theory

Posted on:2016-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of world economy, the increasingly fierce of international competition and international exchanges, national image building and marketing play a very important role. In this way states can win prestige and international status. Counties in the word strengthen the research on the national marketing, and achieved certain resutls. At the same time with the development of technology and innovate marketing innovative marketing methods, the traditional method which the government as the main way faces great challenge. Co-subject emphasizes the multi-agent involved in building the national image, which conform to the current requirements of the national marketing.Animation movie is a unique form of expression, which is a comprehensive art of language, culture, music and photography. It has a wide range of transmission. Each film by a specific story, specific packaging, specific marketing channels, mix with the contents of the state values or culture.It can guide the audience’s perception of national image and marketing. It has increasingly become one of the main way of national image marketing.Thus, this article based on the theory of implicit learning explore the subject of national image marketing mechanism, through the grounded theory method and take American animation movie released in China as examples. The study found that Co-subject Marketing Discourse of the National Image Marketing is a kind of implicit knowledge, and its marketing is a process of implicit learning. The process of audiences cognitive national image conforms to Bottom-up learning mode. The priming effect and synergistic effect of implicit learning plays an important role in the national image marketing.The author believes that a total of the main national image marketing is the process of implicit learning.We should use Various ways to shape national image and marketing. In the process of building and marketing should use the priming effect of implicit learning, as well as the coordination effect of implicit learning and explicit learning. This article is divided into four parts:Firstly, this paper elaborated the research background, significance, methods and possible innovation place. Secondly, through the review of related research, including the national image marketing, Co-subject and implicit learning theory, to sum up the focus of the current scholars and deficiencies. Thirdly, by using grounded theory, taking American animation movie released in China as analysis object, the paper find the Co-subject Marketing Discourse of the National Image Marketing mechanism of implicit learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Co-subject marketing, National image, Implicit learning, Grounded Theory
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