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International Comparison Of Cross-border Electronic Commerce Legislation

Posted on:2016-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467995143Subject:International business
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International Electronic Commerce has obtained the considerable development at home and abroad, from the transaction size, transaction category to the amount of the transaction. This context wants to answer how to better the legislation to promote the healthy development of international electronic commerce, which becomes the focus of attention of national regulatory layer.Aiming at the problem of cross-border electronic commerce legislation, this paper based on comparison study of existing related literature and law, mainly analyses the law with the core principles of information economics and international trade theory, and finally puts forward the legislative ideas. The article first analyzes the external cross-border electronic commerce legislation measures and exploration, mainly through getting access to the official-database of main judicial department and making the translation of foreign research and the originals of legal text. After obtaining first-hand information, this article sorts out and compares different legislative methods from three aspects, and then combines the analysis and comparison of the results with all levels of the relevant principles of economics, such as the Smith theorem, Coase theorem and the asymmetric information theory,comparative advantage and the theory of optimal tariff. Finally, according to the characteristics and forms of cross-border e-commerce itself and the specific conditions of our country, this article puts forward the suggestions to perfect our country current cross-border electronic commerce legislation work,which can be summarized as five points:to perfect the transaction subject regulation, to realize the comprehensive protection of information, and privacy and perfecting the credit system, the establishment of online transactions, the establishment of the dispute settlement mechanism and the new cross-border electronic commerce taxation laws and regulations.
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