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The Historical Evloution Of The Idea Of Chinese Harmonious Society

Posted on:2016-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470461445Subject:Chinese history
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The initiation of a harmonious society in China thought to survive the harsh reality of ancient human, Rooted in cultural basis, Both ideal harmony between man and nature, Including harmonious dream man, man and society, between man and the world, Is the ancient thinkers, politicians and the general public of the persistent pursuit of the ideal vision of society. This paper discusses in chronological context Expand, From the ancient, modern, contemporary three important facets of time to explore in depth history of Chinese Harmonious Thought, System Analysis of the Evolution of Chinese tales of harmonious social thought. Articles from harmonious social thought Confucian and Taoist and Mohist traditional culture represented in the inherent starting from theory, Extended to Confucianism as the core of a harmonious society thought Han and Jin Sui and Tang Dynasties, Again on the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in pharmacology at the core of the Harmonious Society, Modern harmonious social thought until the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Finally put pen to paper to discuss important contemporary Chinese Communists thought of harmonious society, Thus sketched out by a harmonious society in China after thought to spontaneously self-conscious of the historical evolution of the trajectory.Through in-depth and detailed elucidation of interpretation, parse out the history of China in different historical stages of a harmonious society thought the meeting point, Analysis of ancient, modern, contemporary thinkers in various historical periods, politicians failed to achieve a harmonious society depicted historical crux, And thus the evolution of the history of ideas as a background, Analyses the current Chinese Communist Party to build a harmonious society dynamic target practice, Analysis of the harmonious society thought would want to generate real motivation, More complete combing the idea of harmonious society in the context of the history of the evolution of Chinese society, nodes and their motivation, Right now "four comprehensive" great practice to provide the most solid historical background and ideological support.
Keywords/Search Tags:China, Thought of Harmonious Society, historical evolution, active practice
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