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Research On The Trust Violation And Trust Repair Of Government In Public Crisis

Posted on:2016-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470957808Subject:Public Management
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Trust, it means the relation between individual and individual, individual and the entire organization, the mutual trust between organizations and organizations. Regardless of the individual or organization, it can’t be successful without trust. It is extremely important government capital to win the trust of the public. It has an important influence on the government, which to consolidate its rule, promote the development of economic and social. However, the trust of government is vulnerable to the influence of various negative behaviors. In recent years, a lot of public crisis events happened in our country. The occurrence of public crisis events, severely hurt the feelings of the public, cause the negative influence of the public to the government behavior, and the trust of the government have been broken. When the trust of the government is broken, people do not trust the government, which make it in the prediction of related government future behavior. Positive expectation will disappear or replaced by negative expectations. The government’s credibility, image and loyalty would result in grave damage to the public. Therefore, when public crisis events happened, the department of government how to take timely and effective, targeted trust repair strategy is extremely important.In this paper, the author write something about retrospectively review of existing literature research at first, then respectively study about the public against the initial trust of the government, the severity of the public crisis events, and the public attribution of public crisis events how to have impact on the broken trust of government. Finally, the further analysis of two different types of the strategy of the trust repair (denied and apology) are how to repair the broken trust. In this study, the author through the scientific and reasonable way, to explore the public crisis event, and choose four public which people knows more familiar with the typical public crisis events as the background material for this experiment. Researches adopt situational experiment method, the collected280valid questionnaires encoding, and then the corresponding quantitative analysis. Through data analysis, this paper concludes that empirical study results in general inspection and support the research hypothesis. In this paper, we study the main results mainly from the following aspects:(1) the different severity of public crisis, the strength of the public against the initial trust of government in government trust breakage was positively related to relationship, namely the public crisis events. The harder the trust of the government broken, the greater the public against the government’s initial trust, the much greater damage about the trust of government;(2) the attribution of public crisis, the degree of damage about the trust of government is also different. When the public crisis is attributed to the external reasons, the trust of governments not damaged; Conversely, when the reason caused by public crisis is classified as internal reasons, stability and controllable reasons, the trust of the government will be broken;(3) the different of the repair methods of trust, the degrees of initial trust to the government of different dimensions of trust repair, the effects of repair are significantly different. When the strategy of repair named deny is used, most of its repair effect on government goodwill trust dimension, however, if take the strategy of apologize, the effect of the repair about the dimension of the kindness trust is the strongest; In addition, the government of initial trust on the government trust repair were positively correlated, The stronger the initial trust in the government, the government damaged trust is more easy to fix.Based on the above conclusion, the author thinks that (1) emphasizes on the government for the construction of the initial trust, enhance the government credibility, shape the good image of the government, enhance the public government initial trust;(2)to establish the prevention mechanism of the public crisis, to cope with emergent public crisis events actively;(3) for the type of damage trust,how to take appropriate repair strategy to reduce the damage of the government trust after the public crisis events. These three aspects of the effective measures are used to cope with the negative impact of the government trust after the public crisis, to improve the trust of the government.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis, trust of government, trust violation, trust restoration
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