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The Research On Child Protection

Posted on:2016-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recent years, more and more media reported cases of child injury, and the plot is serious, which damage children’s life safety and health of body and mind seriously. Child injury phenomenon has become a serious social problem, which raise extensive concern of the whole society. People from all fields rethink and condemn this problem and the behaviors of our government. So child protection is put forward and it is very urgent to solve this problems.In this context, the government departments all relate to the work of child make a deep reflection, and Ministry of Civil Affairs(Mo CA) take the lead. Based on the analysis of child injury phenomenon, Mo CA issued a paper on May 6, 2013, which is ‘the notification of the Child Protection Pilot Program’, which decided to select 20 pilot areas across the country to carry out child protection pilot work. In addition, Ms CA decided to add 72 pilot areas to proceed the process of child protection in the next year.In the process, what is the work system of the child protection? What are the influences of the work? What are the working experience and problems? How to deal with the problems? All these questions form the purpose and the content of this study.This research adopts qualitative research method of case study, and the study base on B province pilot area. This reseach’ subject focuses on the condition of child protection service. The author interview and observe all the workers and managers in this work. And the author realize the situation of the service and summarize the working mechanism of pilot work, the responsibilities of all related subjects, the successfull work experience and the existing difficulties and put award the solutions.Working mechanism: B pilot area explore a work pattern which is government taking lead and all departments cooperation, and the government purchasing professional service. And B pilot area formed a work mechianisam including detect, report and response.Working effect: B pilot area formed a work mechianisam including detect, report and response. And push the promulgation of the related policy document.Working experience: the support of the government, the worker’s approval towards the child protectiong, the introduction of professional strength, and the trust and support towards the social workers.Working problems: There are some problems in the process, suchi as the objects of the work is not clear, and the service contents are not clear, and the legal policies are imperfect, and working system is not sound, and lack of the professional services firm, and the services do not reach the designated position, etc.Coping strategies: To establish the befitting legal policy system. To establish child protection working mechanism. To clear the professional service boundaries and the division of functions of each department. To introduce the professional services. To develop child protection service guides. To carry out supervision and training to the staff.The pilot work make achievements in one year time, which is very excellent. Athough there are some problems in recent working mechanism, I believe it will become better in later years. Because all the workers will sum up the experience and lessons, and on the basis they will behave better in the next work progress.
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