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The Compensation Liability Limit Of High-voltage Electric Shock

Posted on:2015-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In order to meet the developing of our country economy and the national living standard, the government is increase to the electric power grid construction investment. the electric power industry has made great progress. Also the person damage by electric shock become more and more., the high-voltage electric shock has more serious consequence and high attention from the society. Due to the conflict of legislation, legal blank and general provisions, different courts in applicable law and accountability are controversial,also has error understand about the principles of Liability, make the similar cases have different processing results. The article will focus on the exemptions of high-voltage electric shock, in order to reduce the difference of this kid of case. The article includes three parts.The first part is analysis of the basic legal issue. Centering on high-voltage electric power and the highly dangerous operation, the power facility owner, the legal system of high-voltage electric shock. In order to clarify some basic problems and relationship.The second part will introduce the responsibility of high-voltage electric shock damage, including the determination of the principles of Liability, Components, exemptions.The third part is the most important of the article. Focuses on high voltage electric shock damage compensation responsibility restriction, analysis high-voltage electric shock exemptions, such as the force majeure, the victim intentionally, and how to understand and use of negligence offset rules to limit the liability for compensation.
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