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The Situation Analysis And Disadvantage Research Of Fire Department E-government In Hubei Province

Posted on:2016-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the deepening of the Information construction in China, the promotion of informatization is turned to be the trend in today’s society. As now Fire Security has been an important part of public safety. The information construction of the fire department is turned to be an Major part of the general situation in China’s information construction. The fire department E-government is based on informatization and E-government which is used on transaction processing in fire security.This paper is divided into four parts. First, the paper describes the background of the fire department E-government, and summarizes the development status of the fire department E-government at home and abroad. In the second part, the paper expounds the function of the fire department E-government system in Hubei Province, and analyzes the status of the fire department E-government system in Hubei province through two aspects of the fire department’s e-government system and the public’s fire department E-government system. At the same time, this paper analyzes the current situation of the fire department E-government system with the representative of the existing fire department E-government government system. The third part of this paper is based on the status quo analysis and case analysis, from the fire department E-government system, the relevant policies and system, and the first line work of the actual situation of the fire department E-government in three aspects of the existing problems and shortcomings in Hubei Province, with the reasons for these problems and the corresponding analysis. Finally, the fourth part to these problems and deficiencies for footing proposed to improve perceptions of fire department E-government system in Hubei Province, and looks forward to the prospects for the development of Hubei Province of fire department E-government. Through the present situation analysis and case analysis, the analysis of the problems to improve the existing system of countermeasures and look forward to the future, not only affirmed the important role of fire department e-government, but also clear the fire department e-government system still contains a lot of problems, pointed out that the development of China’s fire department E-government still has a long way to go.This paper focuses on the actual situation of Hubei province fire department E-government by a large number of examples, and it is based on the analysis of the current situation and the causes of the problem. Combined with the now hot "Internet plus" concept, this paper created a new form of the fire department E-government, described the route of development of the fire department E-government under the trend of "Internet plus".
Keywords/Search Tags:fire security, E-government, fire information construction, Internet plus
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