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Painting The Plan For The Fire Control Of Dandong City

Posted on:2007-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212980429Subject:Environmental Engineering
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But fast with the development of city modernization, population increasing, enterprises'centralization, high rise buildings, the complicated underground project, and unsafe problem, especially fire hazard factor that have contacts with it increase thereupon. The construction of facilities of the public fire control of the city lags seriously behind in the urban construction. The question reveals out, which doesn't meet actual need of the fire control and security in the city more and more. Working out plan for fire control of the city has already raised the agendas of the governments at all levels.The city plan for fire control is a new discipline which derives from urban planning, is an important component of urban planning and construction, is a goal and plan of city fire control of construction and development over a period of time, and is a comprehensive arrangement of city fire control of construction; It is also an important basis of construction and management of facilities of the public fire control of the city. The overall principle of fire control painting of the city is: Carrying out the fire control working policy of " putting prevention first and combining prevention with fire fighting ", improving the ability of fire prevention and putting out a fire in the city, preventing from the urban fire and reducing the danger of fire actively, and ensure the urban security against fire.Through the analysis of the fire control current situation and fire of Dandong city, and from such respects as urban location of fire-fighting facilities, fire station, fire control supplying water, fire control communication, fire control pass-way, fire-fighting equipment, etc., this article has described the establishment principle, the content and method of the plan for fire control of the city: putting forward the measure and suggestion to guarantee the carrying out the plan for fire control. According to the principle of synchronous development of being in line with fire control and city construction, in the course of working out the plan for fire control of Dandong city, in such a great deal of respects as the scientific, regulatory, and feasibility etc., to improve fire control facilities search, I have done some beneficial explorations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plan for fire control of the city, The location of fire-fighting facilities, Fire control supplying water, Fire control communication, Fire control pass-way, Fire-fighting equipment
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