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Research On Optimization Of Shenyang Public Security Fire Brigade Fire Control System

Posted on:2017-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485988882Subject:Operational management
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As entered the stage of rapid urbanization development, city building structure is complicated, diversity of fire accident, fire supervision and management work faces new difficulties. The old management system already can’ t met the requirement of the current economic development, supervision and management of human factors in the work of the influence is growing, advantages and disadvantages coexist, management mechanism and management methods for improvement. Especially on August 12, 2015, Tianjin explosion accident is a wake-up call for the fire department, in addition to fire fighting and rescue this important social functions, the fire prevention supervision and management function caused widespread concern. The key to reduce the incidence of fire is fire prevention work to implement, this view is gradually recognized by people, and the regulatory mark of the power content to be the center of gravity of the fire control work. The status of fire prevention work received unprecedented attention. Fire supervision and management of the research of fire prevention work function, that is, attaches great importance to the dominant influence of artificial factors and effects, find problems and the insufficiency, to effectively reduce the incidence of disasters and accidents,to build a good urban public environment, promote the social and economic development, has important significance. In this paper, combining the reality of the current working to fire supervision and management as the research subject, using the relevant theories, the current management system thinking and find problems and countermeasures.Based on the public security fire control team in Shenyang as an example,through detailed analysis of the current fire supervision and management of the status quo, to find the reason for the existence of the problem, and find corresponding solution according to the reasons, using the knowledge of management, optimizing the team level of fire supervision and management system.Paper is divided into four parts, the first part is the introduction, replacement thesis research background and research significance, the display supports the theory basis of the whole thesis and the main literature quoted, showed that the content of the thesis research is a delegate with public security fire control team in Shenyang fire supervision and management system, research method is mainly literature research,comparative research and case study method. The second part is a detailed description about the present situation of fire supervision and management and specific analysis of the problems, with public security fire control team in Shenyang as an example, the existing problems, human factors, namely, supervision and law enforcement in human resources, distribution and supervision of law enforcement supervision and law enforcement power in-depth excavations in managerial mechanism, the higher value, the influence of the capital investment situation, the efforts in publicity and guidance role is very big also. The third part is mainly to use management knowledge, from the perspective of operation, in view of the problems in the second part analysis, by exploring the specific measures to solve the problem,to realize optimization of the entire fire supervision and management system.Concrete from locking and quantitative into p entry standards, set up the mechanism of personnel assessment and training, improve and optimize the supervision and management system, strengthening policy funds investment and promote the four aspects. The fourth part mainly from the Angle of the safeguard measures in the process of operation, the implementation of fire supervision and management system optimization measures are put forward, is to supplement and completeoptimization measures of further, mainly from the supervision organization,supervision and management of the implementation, supervision and management of the emergency guarantee these three aspects in detail elaborated, prominent in the process of management control and status, emphasizes the implementation of the security role in the management, so as to express the meaning of the thesis management and related methodologies.
Keywords/Search Tags:fire supervision, management system, operating strategy
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