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Research Of The Home Care Service On Government Purchases

Posted on:2016-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With China’s economic development, people for a fair and just growing demand for social services, provided by the Government in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of social services, government procurement of services in China came into being. Government as the main procurement of public services, has also been covering all aspects of the work of many other areas such as social, volunteer services, home care aspects, social welfare and other social organizations. The late 1990s, the Chinese government procurement of public services begin first practice, the responsibility of the Shanghai Pudong New Area, Luoshan city’s public recreation center project. After deliberation, the Shanghai Municipal Government commissioned the Shanghai YMCA, Luoshan city civic center as the main operators, in order to achieve maximum effect and leisure centers run high efficiency, it has also become an innovation. The purchasing behavior, will undoubtedly become our government purchase non-profit organizations and public services combined initial test activities.Pension problem is always related to people’s livelihood, the boat’s major social problems, the latest statistics show that as of December 2014, the number of people aged 60 and over 210 million, accounting for 15% of the total population aged 65 or older 1.3 million, accounting for 10% of the total population. "Sense of security" is a human pursuit of a state of society, providing citizens with basic care services, to achieve a sense of security, is a basic duty of modern service-oriented government. Hangzhou is located in Hangzhou City Centre location, has a long history, under the city covers an area of 31.5 square kilometers, the jurisdiction of all eight neighborhood offices within the city limits, a total of 74 communities, since 2005, as the country’s first home-based care batch of pilot units, Hangzhou City, home care is typical and advanced career development, on the basis of the implementation of policies on higher old-age home, according to local conditions integrated socio-economic situation of their own, innovation and development of new models for the Aged.This article is committed under the city home care research, starting from the carding government procurement of public services theory, and then the government purchases the service to sort the theoretical direction. Four types of the body, compared to three kinds of ways older people with dignity, it is proved on the basis of home care services several advantages, it also proves the feasibility of the government purchase the significance of this service. While Hangzhou City government purchase home care services as a research starting point, combined with the specific purchase case analysis of the problem and proposed on this basis, the government purchase Ways to Improve Services for the Aged, in order to achieve under the city government, the home care service purchases, as soon as possible to optimize the transition, in order to achieve the basic social justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government procurement of public services, Community home-based care, Social justice, Service-oriented government
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