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Research On The Construction Of Natural Calamities’ Emergency Materials Allocation System Under The Mode Of "Scenario-Response"

Posted on:2017-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485984547Subject:Public Management
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Due to accelerated warming of the Earth’s climate and social process of industrialization, increasingly frequent natural disasters threaten our lives and the invasion of our survival in the world. China’s major natural disasters presents many kinds of disasters, a high frequency of occurrence, wide geographic distribution,resulting in the loss of weight and other characteristics, is a major natural disaster more sudden and unpredictable characteristics, such as the 1998 flood, the big snowstorm of2008 and "5.12" Wenchuan Earthquake, 2013 "4.20" Lushan Earthquake and other natural disasters, in this paper, natural disaster emergency supplies distribution system constructed mainly for major natural disasters. China’s traditional natural disaster emergency management mode mainly predictive and strained, the lack of systematic and efficient emergency management, however, natural disasters, in particular natural disaster is a "scenario" dependent, natural disasters by the "scene" to show the "scene-response" model is an effective model to respond to natural disasters. Thus, in the traditional "predict- to deal with" emergency management does not apply to the current model has been the premise of natural disasters, emergency management, to be more specific- change "scenario to deal with" emergency management. Based on this,according to the "scene" evolutionary characteristics of natural disasters to build natural disaster emergency supplies provisioning system is necessary.Since most large natural disaster damage, spread wide scale, affected different points in different emergency level, the need for multiple emergency supplies to more than one point hit on the scheduling of various types of materials. Therefore, this article analyzes the characteristics of natural disasters and emergency presentation material allocation system and the status quo "scenario" dependent on a realistic basis in natural disaster emergency supplies to build on the deployment of the system to make a major study of the following three parts: First, according to the actual disaster "scenario" to the extent of demand for emergency supplies were graded, and on this basis to emergency material storage and distribution network system for reserve build.Secondly, for a variety of multi-channel emergency su pplies in response to the preparations we give the corresponding recommendations to establish a degree of priority points different emergency relief, emergency supplies and dispatching optimization according to priority. Finally, the natural disaster emergency supplies system construction to achieve the deployment of security, which is a prerequisite for the deployment of emergency supplies whole system can run successfully.This article is intended to minimize losses caused by natural disasters, to achieve effective relief in emergency situations of emergency supplies, to provide more scientific and effective emergency command reference for decision-making.
Keywords/Search Tags:natural disasters, scenarios-response, emergency supplies, deploy System
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