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The Research On Countermeasures Of Private Voluntary Organization Development From Resource Dependence Perspective

Posted on:2017-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Volunteer service is a high value of cause, and is also to determine whether a society developed and one of the important standards of civilization. Along with our country government reform gradually, many public products and public services provided by the government began to shift to the third sector. Private voluntary organizations as an important branch of non-profit organization, play an irreplaceable role on solving problem of grassroots and managing society. In recent years, however, the non-profit organizations both in number and scale expanding at an alarming rate, which inevitably leads to the shortage of resources, good ecological environment caused by competition between the third sector to upgrade. Therefore, the development of Chinese private voluntary organizations need to introduce new ideas, new methods and new strategies, adjust measures to local conditions, to adapt to The Times, breaking predicament, better and faster development. Based on the above ideas, the main content of this study was to the following several aspects:The first chapter: the concept and theory construction. Mainly including volunteers, private voluntary organizations, volunteer service and the definition of related concepts, as well as the civil society theory, governance theory, resource dependence theory. Based on the above theory to explore and comb, which provides the theoretical basis of this study.The second chapter: The private voluntary organizations development status of H City. This chapter is divided into two parts: description of status quo and problem analysis. Introduced in this paper, the main research object, the H city, using the questionnaire and interview to H City, basic conditions of existing private voluntary organizations, organization and management, and social influence deeply analyzes the three levels. Through the investigation and analysis of the above three dimensions, it is concluded that the current H City between citizens four prominent problems of the voluntary organizations, constitute private voluntary organizations the difficulties in the process of survival and development.The third chapter: Blocking factors of the H city private voluntary organizations analysis. Aiming at the problem of the third chapter to the visual angle of resource dependence, precipitation private voluntary organizations in property resources, human resources, relationship between resources and the lack of credibility resources four aspects and shortage, provide thought basis for solving difficulties.The fourth chapter: The countermeasures of private voluntary organization from resource dependence perspective. This chapter according to the analysis of former three chapters elaborate, combined with the resource dependence theory, put forward the idea of crack trouble: on the one hand, from private voluntary organizations, to carry on the self-perfection, reduce external dependence, break the restriction of the external challenges. From private voluntary organizations, on the other hand, this paper provides "factor" to the world and the response to the external demand, attracting foreign participants to strengthen cooperation. Accordingly based on the above two ideas, this chapter puts forward four strategies, namely, financing strategy, human resources optimization strategy, network symbiosis strategy and credibility promotion strategy, private voluntary organizations from two aspects of organization internal and external resources prosperous, promoting the comprehensive construction of private voluntary service ability, promote the diversification and equal development of volunteer service system in our country.
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