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Research Of The Administrative Examination And Approval In Liwan District Government Affairs Service Center Service Optimization

Posted on:2016-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503951319Subject:Public administration
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Government affairs service center is a product of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, it will involve the administrative examination and approval within the territory of the government at the corresponding level, convenient service, centralized collection office, become the carrier of administrative examination and approval administration integration business. With guangzhou administrative examination and approval system reform deepening, the liwan district government affairs service center was established in 2009, formally opened to the public in November 2010, the government affairs service center has 22 street in April 2014, a comprehensive foreign service. Liwan district will be centralized administrative licensing items and supporting service items, the formation of acceptance, investment services, e-government information and the government supervision, the state’s\"one-stop\" service platform. At the beginning of the founding, face feature to distinguish the crossover, department barrier dysfunction, management level is weak, liwan district problem oriented, continuously explore innovation, through the optimization of administrative examination and approval, reengineering business guidelines, supported by information technology, make the liwan district government affairs service from the traditional \’dragon\" and \"one-stop\" mode, innovation as the \"window\" e-commerce model. However, due to the lack of system and the specification, there are still some problems need to be further optimized. In this paper, namely in liwan district government affairs service center as the research object, on the practice and exploration of the liwan district administrative approval service in detail, through the case analysis method, interview method, observation method and other research methods, emphatically summarized the current problems are as follows:business drive slowly sinking, redundant construction department departments authorized inadequate, platform, information exchange mutual recognition, department failed to an awkward, and analyses the reasons of the problems, put forward a series of countermeasures and Suggestions to solve the problem, including:promoting service items of administrative examination and approval, to perfect the relevant authorization at the grass-roots level; Promote information sharing of administrative examination and approval, realize the era of big data exchange mutual recognition; Clear the functions of the administrative examination and approval platform positioning, integration of administrative service resources.
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