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A Study On The Construction And Development Of Government Affairs Service Center Of Liangshan Prefecture

Posted on:2012-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338466250Subject:Public Management
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In recent years, with the acceleration of the pace of constructing service-oriented government and the promoting of administrative approval system reform, all regions have established government affairs service centers in succession in order to concentrate on handling administrative approval. Since rapid development in recent decade, the constructions of government affairs service centers have been consummated in a gradual perfection process. They have influenced a lot in advancing the transformation of government functions, enhancing administrative efficiency, promoting openness in government affairs and improving the investment environment. Considering theory and practice, the thesis appears to be a link between related public management theories, long-term experience and working practice in the government affairs service center. The thesis attempts to summarize successful experience of the constructions of the government affairs service center of Liangshan Prefecture by means of doing research on its constructions and current status, and puts forward countermeasures on difficulties during the process of development. It intends to provide some guidance to other junior government affairs service centers on this issue by this researching.In the first place, the thesis systematically researches institutional framework and operational mechanism of the government affairs service center of Liangshan Prefecture. It holds the opinion that the government affairs service center plays a positive role in accelerating the constructions of service-oriented government, regulating administrative actions, enhancing the administrative efficiency, improving economic development soft environment and promoting openness in government affairs. But meanwhile, development of the government affairs service center is greatly restricted by insufficient of office space, inadequate of substantially decentralized authority, and low qualification for the staffs of the window. The thesis, by analyzing and comparing of construction of similar eternal services and other ethnic minority autonomous prefectures in China, it suggests that construction and development of foreign one-stop government affairs service, the guidance of the new public management theory, exploration the function of information technology sufficiently and diversity of public serving are worth researching and using for reference. Furthermore, the one-vote fee system and joint office of cities and states which have been adopted in government affairs service centers of other ethnic minority autonomous prefectures will provide some enlightenment.According to theory and demonstration, the thesis holds the view that expanding service areas and broadening channels are future direction of development. Moreover, it poses development of the government affairs service center of Liangshan Prefecture should be promoted from the following three aspects:reinforcing the construction of standardization, fostering the staffs' value of public service and strengthening electronic government administration building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liangshan Prefecture, Government affairs service center, Administrative approval, One-Stop service, Service-oriented government
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