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Child Gender Preferences For Parental Consumer, Labor Supply And Economic Impact Of Transfer Payments Empirical Research

Posted on:2015-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Over the years, the existence of patriarchal ideology to some extent, a serious imbalance in sex ratio at birth, especially in a child sex ratio at birth increased urban sex ratio at birth increased more rapidly ("Six-P" data,2010). Empirical studies reveal many foreign children and their parents spending gender, parents working labor supply, economic metastasis payments, and domestic literature still relatively scarce.Therefore, this article focuses select China’s urban one-child families, the first use2002-2009urban household survey (UHS) data of consumer spending on adult sex differences among children in the group were born decomposition measure and discuss the child sex adult consumer goods impact mechanism; then use2002-2009urban household survey (UHS) data, analyzed the gender of children influence their parents labor supply mechanism; then use the China health and retirement Longitudinal survey (CHARLS) data, discusses child sex parents economy metastasis payment mechanism;Finally, based on the "patriarchal" concept of happiness harm to parents and "adopted daughter also old age," the conclusion to weaken our patriarchal family preferences, optimize the allocation of resources made family-related policy recommendations. This paper mainly studies found:First, through literature review, we find that boys and girls of the family investment in education there are serious differences in gender preferences, general household investment in human capital for girls than for boys, girls lead the work of labor productivity is lower than boys. Thus, the girl suffered discrimination in the job market, which is an important reason for the existence of patriarchal ideology families in the allocation of resources.Second, this paper demonstrates the consequences from two aspects,"patriarchal" concept brought the boy home draw China’s urban areas is greater than the input-output ratio girls, boys parents and family well-being weakened, a boy may not be better than a girl conclusions. Specific methods:(1) parents to send their children seen as "investment grade" by calculating investment (investment in education) and output (economic transfer payments to the children of parents) to compare different child sex differences in input-output ratio.(2) compare children of different sex parents happiness (spare time) differences.Third, the paper uses multivariate linear model, the effect of gender on the parents of children spending the least squares regression method. The study found: Boy family of consumer goods in urban areas spend less than adult girl home, family economic allocation of resources tend to tilt to the boys, there are patriarchal ideology; husband’s adult consumer goods for household expenses, family boys than girls home boys family of four adults in household spending on consumer goods are less than girls wife families; child sex adult wife Consumer spending is greater than the influence of her husband’s adult consumer goods spending; adult decline in the amount of consumer spending by the child’s age was.Fourth, the paper uses multivariate linear model, the effect of gender on parental child labor supply using least squares regression method. The study found: boys than girls family household labor supply, parental happiness weaker girl boy family home; boy for her husband’s labor supply has a role in promoting the boy on his wife’s labor supply inhibited, but its role in promoting greater inhibition, so the labor supply for the whole family play a catalytic role; child aged family labor supply impact was not significant family responsibilities is a "real burden" for the husband, the wife is the opposite exit the job market;Whether it is the husband or wife of the labor supply of labor supply, the boy family home to more than girls; If you are a boy home, husband labor supply average monthly time177hours, the average monthly labor supply wife time is153hours, a difference of24hours; If you are a girl home, her husband the average monthly labor supply time166hours, the average monthly labor supply wife time139hours, a difference of27hours. In addition, the relative increase in the labor boy family burden wife, reducing the happiness of his wife.Fifth, the paper detailed comparative analysis of descriptive statistics, the effect of gender on the children of elderly parents to pay the economic shift, the study found that:parents of daughters is not the "investment grade" differences in income and boy, family resource allocation boys tend to be unreasonable. Treat patriarchal ideology, parents formed a game:one for the procreation, raising children for old age; hand of happiness of parents, daughter old age is not bad. So get rid of patriarchal ideology Finally, for families,more good than harm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Patriarchal, Adult consumer goods, Household labor supply, Economic transfers, Emotional solace
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