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Research On The Influence Of The Openness Of Labor Market On Economic Growth

Posted on:2019-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330548487304Subject:Western economics
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This paper mainly studies the labor of production factors,and studies the labor market where the labor force and its openness influence economic growth.In the market economy,a very important part of the three major market systems is the labor market.For the labor market,its main function is to maximize the efficiency of the allocation of labor resources.The economic growth needs to improve the allocation efficiency of resources,especially scarce resources,and it also needs to increase the allocation efficiency of labor resources in the labor market.However,in the labor market,various social factors as well as many problems are flooded with them,and these will affect the labor market.The labor market segmentation phenomenon and discrimination exist,as well as the problems of labor mobility is limited,these are all lead to the allocation efficiency of labor resources reduces in the labor market,which are the reasons why labor openness is not enough,it will limit economic growth.In this paper,through selecting the city of Shanghai and the province of Guangdong,and selecting the data of the them from 2003 to 2015 years,and then through the empirical analysis method,verifing that the degree of labor market segmentation has an effects on regional economic growth.The empirical results show that,in the case of other conditions,the second and the third industries in Guangdong province had a 1% increase in the rate of migration,and Guangdong's GDP per capita increased by 0.17%.That means that the Labor market Segmentation is a hindrance to economic growth.For Shanghai,with other conditions unchanged,the rate of migration of the second and the third industries increased by 1 per cent,and per capita GDP of shanghai increased by 0.57 per cent.This also means that the Labor market segmentation is a hindrance to economic growth.However,it also shows that the greater the degree of population mobility,the weaker the segmentation of the regional labor market,which has a beneficial impact on economic growth.This paper also verifies the breadth of the openness of the labor market,that is,the effect of labor mobility on economic growth,using the H.Chenery's calculation method to build a formula of configuration effect of resources of the rural labor migration,and then make a calculation by it.The results show that the effect of China's rural labor migration was beneficial to the improvement of the overall productivity growth,that is to say,the value of the effect of labor flow is more and more big every year,the total productivity growth rate is also improved.And vice versa.However,it is not enough to establish an index system for the depth of labor market openness and do empirical analysis,only to study the economic effects of gender discrimination and household registration discrimination.But the study found that gender discrimination and household registration discrimination would restrict economic growth.Finally,based on the results of an empirical analysis of the openness of the labor market and the impact of labor market openness on economic growth,the following countermeasures are proposed:(1)Breaking the labor market segmentation and establishing a perfect labor market;(2)Promote the rational flow of labor;(3)Reduce or eliminate gender discrimination in the Labor market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Labor, Labor market openness, Economic growth, Gender discrimination, Household register discrimination
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