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Guangxi College Of Sports And Physical Education Sports Health Care Professional Practice Bases Construction Empirical Research

Posted on:2015-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ChaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330434455967Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Training practice base for internship is the major site to implement practice teaching process for those higher vocational schools.It is an essential pivot to witness the trsform of knowledge objective into ability objective during the talents cultivation.It is also an important platform for practicing actual operational ability.This thesis makes the major of physical health care base as the object of study,using the methods of document literature,questionnaire,field survery,mathematical statistics and so on to study the construction of practice bases principles,management mechanism,teaching staff construction,the construction bases of inside schools and outside,the evaluationof training bases.And we drawed some conclusions below:(1)Principal of the base construction fits reality and it gets a highly evaluation from experts:(2)The management mechanism of the base is veryscientific and its works orderly.(3)Bringing some talents is the primary job in our future team construction:(4) Although the ground’sacreage restrict its development,but the feedback of the training bases inside the school is excellent.(5)The construction of training bases outside of the school have obvious effects.Here are some elements that influences the construction of the training bases after analysisfrom the result of the study.(1)The limits of the ground’s acreageinside th schools:(2)The shortage of outstanding talents among the training staff;(3)Enterprises shows less interests for the constructionof the training bases.(4)The conbined standard of the industrial,schools,research institutes are remain to be improved from the trainingbases.Based on these influences,here come up with some solutions:(1)Taking full use of building new shools’ opportunity to enhance the hardware level of inside tarining bases.(2)Speed up the development of the construction of teaching resource.(3)Set up scientific an d smooth exercise mechanism.(4)Construct “productbility”training bases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational colleges, Sports health careprofessional, Practice bases, construction, countermeasures
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