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The Research On The Innovative Construction And Development Of Training Base For Medical Specialty In Secondary Health Vocational Schools

Posted on:2015-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467970988Subject:Education Management
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With the development of the society and the advance of vocational education, in our country,some problems have been arising in the fields of secondary health vocational education,especially for medical specialty in secondary vocational schools, which are more aculeate andcontradictory. On the one hand, the training target of secondary health vocational schools isnot clear, and the medical talents trained by these schools cannot be competent to therequirement of the position in medical units, and then the employment rate of the graduates islow. On the other hand, secondary health vocational schools have to face many difficulties inthe training process of medical personnel, such as poor students, low social recognitions,unqualified graduates and many other problems. According to the trend of the vocationaleducation development and the reality of our country’s condition, all kinds of training schemeof skilled personnel in demand has been put forward by the Chinese government. Thecultivation of medical workers is on the list. Currently, the development of health vocationaleducation has become a hot topic and it also comes to a key stage.Practice teaching is the important means to cultivate students. It is the new product ofvocational education. It can improve the students’ innovative spirit, professional quality andprofessional abilities. Highlighting the cultivation of the students’ practical abilities is themost notable features of vocational education. The practice bases inside or outside schools isthe necessary place to improve students’ practical abilities, especially for the secondaryvocational schools, which is the most important project.In this paper, the research is carried out from the following5parts. First of all, the worldwideresearch materials and research results about practice base construction and management inrecent10years have been consulted and analyzed, especially that of domestic medicalpractice bases. Secondly, the quality of students, the status quo and problems of theconstruction and management of practice bases in secondary medical vocational schools areanalyzed, so as to find out the problems that limit the development of the practice bases.Thirdly, the training target and employment expectation are remade by investigating thedomestic hospitals and the public health authority to understand the demand of Medical andHealth Institutions. Fourthly, based on the analysis of the contradiction and conflict betweencurrent health service and the medical training, the problem has exposed that the construction of practice base in medical schools is insufficient. Finally, feasible, scientific and practicalsolutions will be put forward, and the “school-hospital-position” trinity solutions will bediscussed in order to improve the clinical skills of graduates.The last is reflections on the construction and management of medical practice bases insecondary vocational schools...
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary vocational schools, medical practice bases, construction, innovation
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