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Specialty Construction Of Higher Vocational Schools

Posted on:2012-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330332993058Subject:Education Management
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Higher Vocational Education is an important part of higher education. The rapid development of tertiary industry demands skilled and application talent to meet, which is basic task and characteristic of Higher Vocational Education. The specialty construction is the pivot of Higher Vocational Education and the demands of the society, the primary and key link that talent development and training can be marketable and salable. Whether the Higher Vocational Education meets the demands of the society or not, which will be reflected ultimately by specialty construction, "high quality and characteristic education is always rare resource." Li Niying said, famous chinese economist. High Vocational Universities and Colleges do not pursue the school management mode of multi-disciplinary and comprehensive large-scale universities blindly. but is school characteristic, especially is characteristic specialty construction. that is, to develop schools specialty advantages in order to increase itself strength and come into being the Core competition. In summary, characteristic specialty construction is effective way High Vocational Universities and Colleges can hold an advantageous position in competition High Vocational Universities and Colleges and comprehensive universities or among the High Vocational Universities and Colleges, enhance the competitiveness of the graduates. However, some lly in some parts constructing specialty.This paper takes these problems as the object to analyze. Characteristic specialty construction is a systems engineering, specialty Characteristic is supposed to show by the goal, Training Mode, teaching design and methods, systems and content of courses, skill training system building, teaching team building,the last three parts are the most important.This paper states what specialty construction.and characteristic specialty construction mean, the principles, and the issues related to specialty construction. This paper Takes the Hebei Tourism Vocational College as the example of study by means of the questionnaire and interview to survey seven excellent characteristic specialties. The main objects of survey are the current situation of systems and content of courses, skill training system building, teaching team building. It is found in this study that the following Problems, including the teachers in general lack practical skills, the Percentage of "Double Qualification Teacher" is relatively low; the time skill training course is short, the equipments Skill practice and skill training bases in internal college are out of date; teaching materials is without characteristics of Higher Vocational Education. The causes which lead to these Problems are also analyzed and tackled in the paper.Finally Putting forward the following solutions and suggestions:constructing a team of "Double Qualification Teacher" with the feature of Higher Vocational Education; active constructing the part of course of Skill practice and skill training to suggest feature of specialty, building the characteristic productive skill training bases in internal college; building up the correct view of teaching materials and improving the management of it,construction of teaching materials can show feature of Higher Vocational Education.
Keywords/Search Tags:speciality construction, Characteristic specialty construction, a team of "Double Qualification Teacher", Skill practice and skill training bases, teaching materials construction
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