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Strategies Of The Scientific Quality For The Left-behind Children Of Villages In The Minority Areas

Posted on:2015-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330452467533Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Scientific literacy is one of the important indicators of citizenship, to improvethe scientific literacy is the needed to improve China’s comprehensive nationalstrength and international competitiveness. Rural left-behind children in the minorityareas are reserve forces for economic and social development in ethnic regions, theirdevelopment affects not only the individual’s growth and success of scientific quality,but also related to economic, cultural and social development in ethnic regions.Therefore, exploring scientific literacy of children left in rural areas not only in ethnicareas is conducive to deepening the scientific quality of research under thebackground of social reality, but also has far-reaching significance.To explore the Scientific literacy of Rural left-behind children in the minorityareas is the target of this paper. For this target, it’s very important to have the fullresearch of scientific literacy concept, to analysis both at home and abroad youthscientific literacy measurement model, to establish rural left-children scientificliteracy assessment indicators system and to open questionnaire field research. Andthen I selected longli County of qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture ofGuizhou province, through questionnaires and interviews in the form of ruralleft-behind children’s scientific literacy in minority areas analysis of the currentsituation, problems and causes of the problem, further rationalization proposals.The paper is divided into four parts:At the first part of this paper, it’s the introduction section and the elaboration ofrelated concepts and theories section. To introduce the purpose and significance of theresearch, the analysis of the current situation at home and abroad, the researchingideas defined with methods, concepts, and theories.At the second part of this paper, it’s the basic statistics and result analysis.Providing an overview of national area index system of rural left-behind children’sscientific literacy survey, questionnaire design process, basic information about fieldresearch and the results of the questionnaire sample. At the third part of this paper, it’s the scientific literacy problem and the causeanalysis. And from basic education, social environment, family environment to seekthe causes of the problem.At the forth part of this paper, it’s the way to improve the scientific quality.And also from the social measures, the school measures and the family measures todesign strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:scientific quality, questionnaires, cause, strategies
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