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Research On The Scientific Literacy And Promotion Of Political Teachers In Middle Schools

Posted on:2018-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The CPC Central Committee and the State Council "on the deepening of educational reform,comprehensively promote quality education decision" clearly put forward that teachers should follow the law of education,deepen the innovation education and scientific research.With the development and deepening of China's education reform,especially the role of education and research,and enhance the cultivation of scientific literacy of teachers need more teachers should be more attention.Reflects the role of researchers,some problems at the same time to improve their research ability of solving teaching met,innovation education teaching theory,make their teaching experience more rich,lay a good foundation for a research teacherAt present,the new curriculum reform core literacy has been put on the schedule,middle school teachers are facing new challenges.The politics teachers cannot continue to be an unchanging teacher,but to actively adapt to the core quality requirements of the new curriculum,the new changes in their roles,to researchers focus on scientific research and political transformation.Middle school teachers to carry out scientific research must have basic literacy,political ideology,knowledge structure,ability level,research ethics and other aspects to achieve some basic requirements.To enhance scientific literacy of teachers of politics of high school,is not only related to the administrative departments of education and teaching and research organizations,it should be every pursuit of politics teachers in middle school.This article mainly from the survey of the current situation of scientific literacy of middle school politics teachers about the analysis of the existing problems and find the reasons,combined with interviews and put forward the corresponding countermeasures to improve scientific literacy,research ideas follow the conotation and formation of all problems and causes one of countermeasures and suggestions,this paper mainly from three aspects to carry on the analysis:First of all,the discussion and analysis of middle school politics teachers scientific literacy concept and composition,especially the relationship and difference between scientific research"and" research "are analyzed,based on the focus on the reform of basic education,the professional development of politics teachers,improve teaching quality,improve the four aspects of politics teaching theory of political promotion middle school teachers of scientific literacy.Secondly,discuss the main problems existing in the current middle school politics teachers scientific literacy and the causes.The author through questionnaires or interviews of high school political teacher,understand the current situation of middle school politics teachers to carry out scientific research,explore and analyze the existing middle school teacher teaches politics in the process of scientific research,statistical analysis by SPSS 17 and EXCEL2007 as the auxiliary research tool for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the middle school politics teachers scientific research present situation and its influence factor of scientific literacy.Finally,according to the survey reflected problems respectively from the consciousness of scientific research,scientific research ability,scientific knowledge,scientific research ethics four aspects put forward the countermeasures to enhance the scientific literacy of middle school politics teachers.I hope this study can give the teachers and other school of political science of the middle school teachers to enhance scientific literacy,"experts type","research" teachers,provide some useful reference to the new educational reform core literacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:middles school political teachers, scientific research quality, improvement strategies
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