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A Study On Students’ English Learning Motivation In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2016-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of economy in the whole society and updating of the education mode,idea of education,especially the development of reform of basic education,English education and learning has been gradually occupying very important position in the people’s ideological concept. English has not only become the communication tools with which students can communicate with foreigners, but also become one of the indispensable basic skills for the learners’ daily study and life.The Optical Valley Experimental Middle School where I work is located in Wuhan East-Lake High-tech Zone and is a junior high school which is strict in students’English learning.Because most of the students are living in this district, they are used to studying with the teacher and parents’help.In their heart,they don’t study for themselves,but study for their parents or teachers. So they are forced to study English and other subjects, and they don’t have enthusiasm in English study.In line with the English teaching syllabus and the requirements of the new curriculum standard, our district education department attaches great importance to English learning of students.And in the process of English learning, non-intelligence factor motivation has a quite important role to stimulate students’interest in learning English and improve students’English learning achievement. So I have a survey about the students’English learning motivation of sampling quantitative research of our school. I want to find out the factors which affect the students’English learning motivation. I hope to change the poor performance in English study of most of students.In this study, on the basis of predecessors’study on motivation, I study the overview of the system of the learning motivation,and it mainly includes the concept, classification and theory foundation of learning motivation.The questionnaire I use is based on the questionnaires of Hu Dongmei, and Gao Yihong. From which I choose some questions according to the social reality and the specific situation of the students in our school. I do my research with internal motivation and external motivation, motivation of the students in our school strength, habits, motivation attribution and so on. With the method of questionnaire to collect data in the study, I deal raw data results of questionnaire survey statistics with excel spreadsheet and SPSS statistical software to get the analysis of the mean and standard deviation. According to the statistics data from the observation and the interview in the normal course of English teaching, I analyze the students’major reason in learning motivation of each grade and gender differences in students’ English learning motivation. I get some preliminary conclusions and put forward some suggestions of English teaching to look forward to help English teaching in our school and the other schools in our district.At present, the state of the students in our school English learning motivation mainly have the following performance.In the sampling observation of 278 students of the school, the internal motivation of students in high layer is very strong, it plays a very important role to influence their motivation to learn English. The internal learning motivation of low layered students is weak and it is influenced by their learning habit. The students of three grades are in small differences in the comparison of all kinds of motivation types, but the internal motivation influence for students of each grade is the most important of all.English learning motivation of the students of grade seven is strongly influenced by their learning habits, but the external motivation is minimal affected by the students of grade nine.The internal learning motivation of male and female students is an important position,the learning habits of girls are stable,but the boys are not. The Students in the comparison of the experimental classes and observation class has great influence on the internal motivation, and learning habits is also larger factors restricting the development of motivation.On the problem of the attribution of students’English learning motivation,16% of the student union will think his English is poor due to external causes,9% of the students will due to bad luck.90% of the student union will own their personal gain or loss to personal work and they will find their own reasons.In this paper we also analyze the factors which affect the students’ English learning motivation, we find that coping with an examination becomes a major social cause of middle school students’ English learning motivation. When we talk about family environment factors,three-quarters of the students meet the desire of the parents as the main motivation of learning English.Teachers’ personal influence on students’ English learning motivation also cannot ignore,66%or more of the students like English because their teachers’ personal charm on the subject and they are willing to learn it well.By the above questionnaire, it showed that which affect students’ English learning in our school are mainly students’ internal motivation and learning habits, family education and teachers’ personal charisma has a positive impact to motivate the students’ English learning.So they need teachers’ appropriate intervention in the daily teaching. In daily teaching teachers need reasonable intervention and support on the teaching behavior according to the different motivation status and personality characteristics of students, provide guidance to improve students’ English learning motivation according to their aptitude, so as to fundamentally change the students’ learning attitude, to help students improve English learning.
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