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Application Of "Flipped Classroom" In History Teaching In Senior High School

Posted on:2016-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the new curriculum was reformed, students’ main body status is gettingmore and more attention, not only requires students to learn independent learning alsorequires students to learn independent thinking. The new curriculum reform has beenmore than ten years, but many more people still stay tight in the concept of identity.About how to effectively carry it out, there are still a lot of problems. The improvementof the teaching mode is an effective connection to put the new curriculum reform intopractice.Students learning is the most important part in the teaching process, so no matterwhat kind of teaching theory, it is involved in the students “effective study”. Flippedclassroom" as a new mode of teaching gets much worldwide attention. somewell-known domestic middle schools have carried out teaching practice flippedclassroom mass, and has made great achievement. Changle No,1Middle School as theflipped classroom full implementation of the school, sets a good example to othersacross the whole country. He hosted the2014national flipped classroom convention,and I was honored to be invited to participate in this conference and studied in-depthstudy of the flipped classroom modeThis paper is divided into five parts. First, an overview of the theory to study thetheoretical basis of the analysis of the flipped classroom. Second, the author analyzesthe advantages and disadvantages of the traditional after personally inspecting ChangleNo.1Middle School expounds the flipped classroom model. Third, the practice offlipped classroom in senior high school based on the exploration of flipped classroommodel more efficiently, and show the teaching and case. Fourth, summarize theimplementation of flipping the classroom in high school history teaching to make itmore effectively carry out the flipped classroom strategy. Fifth, conclusion.
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