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The Design Research Of The Education Development Index Of Cities In Anhui Province

Posted on:2016-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Because the education is in an unchallenged position in a nation or a region, So designing a more appropriate education development index (EDI) to measure the level of regional education and promote the balanced development of regional education in our country, is a problem, which is related to China’s education and the social development. Especially in the stage of today’s global economic competition, the education is the important cornerstone of comprehensive competitiveness of a country or a region, so the society should pay more attention to the education. The level of education shows various development characteristics in different regions. So the article’s topic has theoretical significance and practical value.The article adopts the method of comprehensive evaluation and coordination index of education development level to conduct a comprehensive analysis of various cities in Anhui province, and puts forward relative strategies. According to the characteristics of the education development level of Anhui, the article builds an education development index system of three dimensions, which includes four first-level indicators, eight second-level indicators and forty-one third-level indicators. Because there many factors can influence the education development index (EDI) and the relationship between the indicators is close, so it shouldn’t adopt the subjective value method. However if we put the indicators’ weights in the same, the result will not reflect the nature of the problem. So the article adopts entropy weight and principal component analysis methods to calculate the EDI and subindex, and. And through the tree of clustering analysis, cities can be divided into five education gradient.On the other hand, the article studies the education development level of internal and external coordination. Through the internal coordination research, we find that the education development level of Anhui cities are all in the scope of internal coordination, and we can classify the cities through the education development level of internal coordination characteristics. Through the various cities’ education development and its’ economic development of the external coordination research, we find that the external coordination relationship between cities is very different, and meantime we can classify the cities through the education development level of external coordination characteristics. And the article puts forwards some targeted measures to solve the existing problems in the education development of Anhui province.The article achieves some innovation in the compiling methods of the education development level index and the design of the coordination degree model. Adopting principal component and the entropy weight methods can guarantee the objectivity of data and the integrity of the original indicators. When we design the coordination degree index of external coordination, the article selects the indicator on behalf of the state of economy through the comparison method to make sure that the selected indicator can reflect the nature of the problem more accurately.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education Development Index, Entropy Weight Method, Principal Component Analysis, Clustering Analysis, Coordination Degree Index
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