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Study On Facilitating Statewide Transfer And Articulation In American Higher Education

Posted on:2017-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The transferring function of American community college has aroused the concern of the state government and the higher educational sector since the end of 1980 s, because of the change of talent training demand level, the highlight of community college advantages, the separate administrations of higher educational system, making school transfer more difficult.The transferring link turns to state behavior from college behavior.The measures every state makes to advance the building of college transferring system include founding the college transferring community of state level, enhancing the publicity and communication of college transferring policy, focusing on curriculum connection and credit transfer, carrying out tracking assessment of various forms, providing various supports and services. Based on the state level of higher education forward transfer system construction as the research object, explore propulsion state level higher education background, contents and measures of the construction of the transfer system, so as to our country’s higher education "ordinary rise only this" construction to provide the reference and reference.The full text is divided into five parts altogether. The first part is the introduction, giving the reason of choosing the topic, the research significance, the core notions, the research method, the scientific studies at home and abroad.The second part analyzes the reasons and background of the United States advancing the building of college transferring system at the state level from 1980 s, including the shortage of talents and the decrease of teaching quality during the development of higher education, low college tuition, convenient geographical location, various student pool, excess credits and degree failure that transferring students faces, complicated transferring process, separate administrations in higher education system.The third part studies the contents and measures the United States makes to advance the building of college transferring system at the state level. The core contents include: comprehensive and effective transferring agreement; flexible course numbering system; efficient mechanism of teaching acceleration; diversified college-transfer office; standard system of education accreditation. The specific measures mainly include the establishing college-transfer community of state level; enhancing the publicity and communication of college transferring policy; focusing on curriculum connection and credit transfer; carrying out tracking various assessment; expanded forms of tracking assessment; clearing specific college-transfer procedures and requirements.The fourth part of American state level transfer system construction achievements and difficulties are analyzed. Results at state level transfer system construction mainly includes: the state transfer policy of unity between rising trend; At state level continuously strengthen legislative cooperation; Transfer student transfer rate and the graduation rate increased. The dilemmas facing mainly includes the determination of organization structure; Transfer requirements and standardisation grasp; Junior curriculum and general education curriculum requirements of fusion; The determination of transfer professional; A shortage of professional selection guide; The design of the transfer guide and service.The fifth part discusses the characteristics and enlightenment. The features mainly include: taking completely credit system as the foundation; taking training plan and course connection as the key; taking the unified management and professional autonomy tension as fundamental; taking consultative autonomy as the starting point; taking full services as support; taking regular assessment as the guarantee. Based on above analyses, this paper gives following enlightenment for our higher education: enlarging the enrollment scale and improving the service consciousness; establishing admission standards and transferring mechanism; improving the pertinence and flexibility of transferring courses; strengthening the cooperation between colleges; and reducing the college-transfer cost.
Keywords/Search Tags:college-transfer system at state level, reasons, contents and measures, achievements snd difficulties, upgrading from junior college student to university student
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