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Research And Design Of Smart Home Gateway Based On Embedded Technology

Posted on:2014-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330401982934Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In recent years, Smart Home has been extensively concerned in the various circles ofsociety. It uses wired and wireless network communication technology integrating facilitiesrelated to home life. It is a living environment with safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, andenergy saving. So a design of the Smart Home Gateway is put forward, which is based onZigBee technology, GSM technology, Internet technology and embedded technology.Smart Home system network consists of three parts: Intranet, Gateway and Extranet.Intranet is to connect a variety of household appliances. Gateway is in charge of the connectionof family network and Extranet. Extranet is to establish the connection of a remote user andGateway. In the dissertation, Intranet is a star ZigBee network established by ZigBee modules.The hardware platform of Gateway is based on ARM9and the external expansion ZigBeewireless module and GSM module, and the software built on the ARM9is embedded Webserver Boa. Extranet is Internet for remote PC and GSM network for phones.In a Smart Home system, the Gateway is an important bridge connecting the familyinternal electrical equipments and remote users. On one hand, it transfers status informationand alarm information of appliances to the remote user; on the other hand, it transfers controlcommand and status request of the remote user to the appliance equipment.In the dissertation, combined with domestic and international situation and developmenttrend of Smart Home, the Smart Home Gateway solution is given. Then it shows the hardwareand software design of Gateway. Hardware introduces is the working principle of eachmodule and inter-module communication. Software introduces includes the transplanting ofembedded Linux operating system, the building of embedded Web server Boa, the writing ofstatic pages and dynamic CGI interface program, the writing of driver program that is ARM9to ZigBee wireless module and GSM module, the writing of ZigBee coordinator and ZigBeeterminal application program. After the system has been successfully constructed, throughremote PC or mobile phone, users can achieve control and work status inquiries of appliances.At last, it gives a test, which is taking the monitoring of the electric light and fan as anexample to the overall system performance test. The experimental results indicate that thesystem works well. And its expansion is very convenient, because the communication of theGateway and the appliances is ZigBee wireless network, and the increase or decrease of theappliance with ZigBee node has no affect on the stability of the entire system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Gateway, GSM, ARM, Embedded Linux, ZigBee
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