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Design And Implementation Of Intelligent Home Gateway Software System

Posted on:2017-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R P LaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330503488794Subject:Computer technology
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With the integration of advanced computer technology, network communication technology and sensor control technology development, build the network within the family, the formation of objects, and through the home network and external Internet connections for remote users to access managed smart home system provides an efficient and convenient manner.For ordinary home environment, this paper proposes a smart home gateway based on embedded Linux operating system and ZigBee wireless sensor networking technology solutions. Introduces the research status of intelligent home gateway system at home and abroad and its application development, and their advantages and disadvantages, then the user needs to carry out a more detailed analysis, a clear line with user needs intelligent home gateway software system overall solutions and specific module design method, discussed in detail the design design and device communication module system application layer function module design, and finally elaborated smart home gateway software system the realization of the intelligent home gateways designed QT graphical interface and interact locally. Meanwhile, at the gateway to build the embedded Web server BOA, remote users can access the Web page control smart home gateway system and related tests for the gateway system functionality and stability.In this project, it is based on the Samsung S3C6410 processor as the control center, integration of multiple sensor technologies through ZigBee smart home gateway system. Solve the ordinary home network constructed using wire-based bus and power lines caused by complex lines corrosive and other shortcomings, the system also supports management and control indoor temperature and humidity management and lighting management and other appliances, and fully reflects the smart home wisdom of life meaning and the final test result is good, there are some promotional value.
Keywords/Search Tags:smart home gateway system, embedded Linux, QT, Web server, Zigbee technology
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