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The Design And Implementation Of Embedded Smart Home Gateway

Posted on:2013-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330392454211Subject:Control Engineering
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With the repaid development of science and technology, people have a higher requirment forthe living enviroment. And this requirment makes the Smart Home system emerge. This system canprovide people a more comfortable, more convenient and more secure living environment throughthe mix use of follow technologies: modern communication technology, network technology,embedded technology and microelectronics technology. As the portal and manager, Smart HomeGateway plays a very important role in the whole system. Currently on the market of Smart Homesystem, the control part of this system mainly use SCM (Single chip microcomputer) which cause aless functional and a wired way to network. In the updating of the equipments, it needs to re-wiringwhich is a heavy workload and affecting the appearance. In this paper, we proposed a new plan toSmart Home Gateway system based on embedded system and ZigBee technology after a compareof home gateway system and its networking technology.In our design, we use the32-bit RISC microprocessor S3C2440A as the control chip of theSmart Home Gateway system. Using the Embedded Linux as the operating system and applyingZigBee technology and CGI technology, we achieved remote control for household electricalappliance through a embedded web server Boa. The user just need a PC which can access to theinternet to control and manage their intelligent devices by way of a web browser to access to thehome gateway.In this paper, we first introduced the Smart Home system and related technology development,and proposed the overall design scheme of the Smart Home Gateway system and the selection ofhardware. And then proceed to the design of system software and application software, includetransplantation of the operating system and hardware drivers、design of ZigBee communicationmodule and its application software、the build of embedded web server、man-machine interactiveinterface and CGI programming design. At last, we build the system platform and had a test.Through experiments, our system is running in a good condition and can manage and control thehousehold electrical appliance properly. We basically achieved the expected goals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Home Gateway, ARM, Embedded Linux, ZigBee
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