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The Research Based On Independent Innovation Of Private Small And Medium-sized Technology Enterprises’ Core Competitiveness

Posted on:2014-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330422468665Subject:Business Administration
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In2012, the national science and technology innovation conference held by theCPC Central Committee State Council pointed out that technological innovationwould be necessary, which would promote economic and social development in thenear future. In China, Non-governmental SMEs, which the author works in, haveproduced most of the technical innovation.Therfore, based on the operatingcharacteristics of private small and medium sized technology enterprises, the paperintends to use the core competitiveness of enterprises and innovation-related theory toexplore and find an independent innovation path suitable for private small andmedium sized technology enterprises, which converts innovation activities into thecore competitiveness of enterprises in further under the guidance of my tutor.The papers follows an identifing-analyzing-solving problems frame, whichdemenstrated in six chapters.The first chapter reviews related researchliterature.Chapter II analyzes the theory of enterprise independent innovation, corecompetencies and relations between the two.Chapter III, the definition of privatesmall and medium sized technology enterprises and characteristics were analyzedfirstly, and then presented the development status of small and medium sized privatetechnology enterprises in Tianjin’s.In more, a comparison between the author’scompany’s situation and the overall situation in Tianjin was made.Chapter IV, thatindependent innovation of small and medium private enterprises is necessary andcommon innovation modes are emphasized.Meanwhile, converting independentinnovation to the core competitiveness is discussed.Fifth chapter, the author focusd onenhancing the core competitiveness of private small and medium sized technologyenterprises through independent innovation.Finally, combined the experience ofCompany A, the paper suggests not only focus on business ideas and technologicalinnovations, but also should pay attention to their own management system ofinnovation in order to build a more comprehensive core competitiveness ofenterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Privte Enterprises, Small and Medium-Sized Technology Enterprise, Independent Innovation, Core Competence
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