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A Research On The Promotion Of The Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Core Competitiveness Based On The Public Policy

Posted on:2013-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330395960487Subject:Public Management
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The Public policy is a public authority, to solve the public problems or satisfy a public need. In the planned economy ages of China, the government is an "omnipotent" big government. Arrive to socialism market economy stage, China put forward the "small government, big society" development concept, pass policy guiding effects on social life. Public policy affects all aspects of the state and society. These years, with the development of society, and the development of the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s ruling concept, our country public policy system develop and improve continuously.Small and medium-sized enterprises are the national economy important component. Today, small and medium-sized enterprises show more and more important position and role. Small and medium-sized enterprises core competence, its essence is the small and medium-sized enterprises’ability of survival competition, the ability of sustainable development. Our country’s current policy direction is to vigorously promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises, so the current public policy is beneficial to enhance the core competence of small and medium-sized enterprises.This paper firstly introduces the definition of small and medium-sized enterprises, and according to characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, analyses the small and medium-sized enterprises’core competence. Base on the small and medium-sized enterprise scale small, limited funds and other characteristics, this paper elaborate the core competence of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the main factor for laying the foundations of the government policy’s impact to the small and medium-sized enterprises core competence.For the specific analysis of the relationship of small and medium-sized enterprises’ core competence and public policy, two high-tech enterprises were investigated, through the full and accurate data, detailed elaborated the core competence developing progress which in the small and medium-sized enterprises’ creation, growth and development progress. Through these cases, this paper obtains the promotion common path of the small and medium-sized enterprises’core competence, and the public policy’s important role in the process.In recent years, the central government and local government have promulgated a number of laws and policy measures which aims to improve the small and medium-sized enterprise management environment, support small and medium-sized enterprises stable, healthy development. This paper summarizes and analyse these measures, and discuss the support policy’s effect and problem, for providing the realistic basis of the public policy measures which small and medium-sized enterprises’core competence developing were needed. Finally, by combining theory with practice, this paper analysis the relationship of the public policy and the small and medium-sized enterprise core competence. The public policy’s influence can be divided into four aspects, respectively is the strategic guidance, brand support, financial support and talent strategy. These elements will be described in the following Chapters.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and medium-sized enterprises, Public policy, Core competence, Innovation of science and technology
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