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Research On The Problem Of Trans-regional Management For Bank Of Ningbo

Posted on:2014-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z A ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330431471149Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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The city commercial banks expanded to a high peak in2010and play a veryimportant role to relieve the difficulty of finance to medium and small firms since thederegulation of trans-regional management for city commercial banks by CBRC in2006.During the last eight years, the city commercial banks have developed rapidly incross region operation, surviving in the cracks among state-own banks,shareholdingcommercial banks as well as foreign banks. However,during2010year,a series of riskcases showed the poor risk control for commercial bank, which in fact leads to the discreetpolicy of trans-regional management for city commercial bank. Therefore,the citycommercial banks pause to set up cross-city branch and wait for the new policy tore-access to the market.As to its significant role of finance for medium and small firms, itis undoubtedly and necessary to preserve the policy of reforms for commercial bank. Atthe beginning of2012, CBRC restarted to accept the application of trans-regionalmanagement from city commercial banks and waited for admission. This dissertationdiscusses about some crucial issues of trans-regional management and gives advices on itin the case of Bank of Ningbo to let one unit guide a whole area about the city commercialbanks.The first and second chapter introduces the elaboration of theoretical basis, the focusis on the related research on trans-regional management of bank by scholars from bothdomestic and overseas. The third chapter on the city commercial banks of crosses regionalbusiness overview carries on the elaboration from three aspects of city commercial banks,mode and development course of cross regional development. Then it introduces the basic facts, characteristic and effects of Bank of Ningbo, focusing on the difficult problems,using the method of SWOT analysis as the way to analyze the motivation of Bank ofNingbo cross-regional business. Following that the dissertation gives feasible solution totrans-regional management of Bank of Ningbo. The fifth chapter is based on the fourthchapter mentioned before and gives advices for Bank of Ningbo in terms of regulationoffice and local government. Last it looks into the future of the city commercial banks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese City Commercial Bank, Bank of Ningbo, Trans-regionalmanagement Cross-city branch, SWOT analysis method
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