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A Study On Strategies Of Trans Regional Operating Of Taizhou’s City Commercial Bank

Posted on:2014-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330422965390Subject:Master of business administration
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In the1990s, Chinese Urban Credit Union has been reorganized into City Commercial Bankat the approval of competent authorities. With the economic development, City Commercial Bankis growing. At present, owing to the spirited competition and the diversity of customers’ demand,City Commercial Bank’s trans regional operating becomes one kind of inevitable choices.This paper takes three city commercial banks in Taizhou as the research object. Based on theliterature at home and abroad, this paper uses SWOT analysis、PEST analysis、Michael Porter’sFive Forces Model to analyze the strategy of the trans regional operating of Taizhou’s three citycommercial banks. In addition, one case of trans regional operating, Zhejiang Tailong CommercialBank’s Lishui Branch, has been adopted in the paper.The main content and results in this paper are as follows.1. Chapter2introduces theoretical bases and research methods of City Commercial Bank’strans regional operating.2. Chapter3summarizes the developing history and the characteristic of all Taizhou’s CityCommercial Bank.3. Chapter4makes further study into the external and internal environment of the transregional operating, such as macro-environment、condition of competition、capability、resourcesand so on.4.Chapter5uses SWOT analysis to analyze external opportunity、external threat、internaladvantages、internal disadvantages of doing trans regional operating for Taizhou’s CityCommercial Bank. Then this Chapter put forward4strategies for trans regional operating.5.Chapter6introduces an empirical analysis of trans regional operating. This case verifiesthe strategies for trans regional operating which raised in Chapter5.
Keywords/Search Tags:City Commercial Bank, strategies of Trans Regional operating, SWOT analysis
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