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Research On Team Building Of Donghai Aged Care Hospital Reconstruction Project

Posted on:2015-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330431484205Subject:Project management
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A project, should need to generate; Project members, should be gathered into aproject team, project tasks depends on the project team to complete. Therefore, theproject team construction is scientific, effective project management is the importantguarantee of success.In this paper, Donghai aged care hospital construction and team construction ofthe project as the research object, through field investigation and questionnaire design,the quantitative and qualitative data analysis theory to study the combination, analysisof current situation of the construction of the project team, find out the main problemsof the project team building, and put forward the project scheme design and safeguardmeasures of the construction of the team.This research starting from the concept of project, team, project team, projectteam building, high performance team building, motivation theory as theoretical basisof research, using the method of questionnaire survey, the members of the team goalsof the construction of the team, members of the division of labor, skills, paysatisfaction, and performance appraisal satisfaction, satisfaction with careerdevelopment, team atmosphere, team identity, communication and cultureconstruction of10aspects, such as40to research specific issues. Results show that:the Donghai aged care hospital construction and team construction of the project is inaverage condition, evaluation scores highest team atmosphere, and careerdevelopment satisfaction evaluation scored lowest. Specific analysis concluded thatthe group goal setting process of democratic participation, incentive effect is notsignificant, professional development team members is not clear, the promotion spacenarrow, less system training opportunities and other problems.On the basis of the theory and practice analysis, from the concrete projectbackground, this paper determine the Shared vision of the project team, to promotethe project team training study, the construction of the smooth and efficient communication channel from three aspects, puts forward design scheme of theconstruction of the team. And through the establishment of scientific performanceappraisal system, forming an attractive salary, management mode, set up double scalarincentive mechanism, improve the team culture construction measures such as toensure the success of the team building, security operation of high performance team.By making a design scheme of the construction of the project team, to providereference for the construction project team construction and reference, and further putforward the safeguard measures of the construction of the project team, according tothe project team building design of specific methods and opinions, for building highperformance team construction of the project put forward personal views andSuggestions of the overall. Close combination of practice and theory, this paper aimsto improve the management level of construction project.
Keywords/Search Tags:Team building, Team goals, Team learning, Team communication, Team incentives
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